The IBM XT. This is probably the computer that everyone thinks of when they think of the computer revolution. This is the computer that started everything. It is the computer that gave MicroSoft it's real start in computers (by way of an exclusive contract for the OS with IBM).

This was my first "high powered" computer that actually had an OS. I started with DOS 2 (I think). This machine was upgraded many times. It started out with 256K of RAM and 1 floppy drive. It had CGA color graphics (which was pretty advanced). I then added another 256K of RAM, a 20M hard disk, and a second floppy drive as time went by. Originally, the OS and my programs where all stored on the 360K floppy.
This is the back side of the XT. Notice that the monitor connects to the CPU via a coaxial cable (there was no such thing as a VGA connector). The monitor uses a "composite" video signal, alot like TVs still use. The CGA monitor has a resolution of 320x200 which is the same as a TV (contrast that with VGA which is 640x480 or XGA (Super Super VGA) which is 1024x680).

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