UNIX Window Managers

Common Desktop Environment (CDE)

This is CDE running on a Sun/Solaris 7 machine.
(CDE is probably my favorite WM).  CDE has been
accepted by all of the major UNIX vendors as the 
default window manager for their systems.

(note: Staroffice running on this machine, no more M$!  :)

Openwin Version 3

This is Openwin 3 running on a Sun/Solaris 7 machine.
It's use is now depreciated (it originated in the mid 
1980's on the SunOS 4.x machines.)


This is Gnome/KDE running on a Linux machine.
It is the current default for RedHat 6.x.


This is a mod to FVWM2 with a look and feel of Win95.
It's running on a Redhat 5.2 machine.


This is Twm which is a MWM like window manager 
running on a Linux machine.  (Motif Window Manager
is really old, few people use it anymore.) However, as Michael from Germany pointed out, it is still used by MI/X. It is also the default window manager for VNC.

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