Full Access

You may have noticed that some areas of this web site are now restricted (require a login).  This is due to the growing expenses associated with this web site (bandwidth, hardware, time, etc.  Mostly bandwidth).

Like many other web sites on the Internet, this site started out as a hobby.  However, like many hobbies, this one is now becoming quite expensive.  For the past 4 years I have happly been spending my own time and money on this site, however, as the Internet grows and traffic increases, so do my expenses.  Unfortunately, these expenses have now passed the threshold of pain.

Therefore, like many other Internet sites, I have started a members only service.  Some areas will continue to be free, but the highly technical areas and the software downloads areas will be for members only.

Members will have access to:

Princing: Even though I really hate paypal for many reasons, I will accept paypal payments (payable to barnesr@unixhub.com) and
Money Orders.  If you have any questions, please email me at barnesr@unixhub.com.