My first fully 64 bit computer! With a 64 bit OS! And Sun finally makes a good graphics framebuffer (no more of those stupid 8 bit framebuffers!) This Ultra-1 is an "E" model so it has the UPA port for the Creator 3D graphics card.

This is a Sun Ultra-1. The 200Mhz 64 CPU is the whitesh thing in the center of the machine. This is the only Sun computer that I've ever seen that has a fan ON the CPU (And, I've worked on every model Sun computer except for the E10000 Starfire). Sun must have been pushing the clocking on this one a little because the 170Mhz version doesn't have the fan. Memory in this machine is interlaced so you have to add SIMMs in matched pairs.
Here you can see the big Creator 3D graphics card (it's back of the machine next to the power supply. It connects to the system's cross bar bus controller via a UPA port.

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