This is a Sun 3/80 (circa 1989).  It was the last workstation that Sun made before they switched over to their Sparc (RISC) CPU.  Even thought it only has a 20MHz Motorola 68030 CPU, it is surprisingly fast!  It also has the bwtwo graphics card (P4 connector) that works at 1152 X 900 resolution.  Luckily, my Sony GDM20E21 (SGI badged) monitor can sync with it (but the background is light green). It has a 13W3 video connector and it's sync rates are 61.9KHz x 66Hz (as reported by my monitor). (A Sony 15sf will also work on it)
This machine is incredibly neat and SunOS 4.1.1 is surprisingly modern (it has unix2dos, shelltool, perfmeter, etc).  However, there are some problems running graphics programs (NeWS vs X11) on a remote Solaris 7 (CDE) machine.
This is the inside of the 3/80. It has four banks of 4M SIMMs (four SIMMs per bank). (The other 2 banks are under the bwtwo graphics card.) I was able to use 4M SIMMs because this 3/80 has PROM version 3.0.2. Strangely, the 3/80 has two SCSI bus connectors, the first one has been used by my Quantum Fireball 2G disk (I don't recommend Quantum's for anything, but that's anouther story). The other one is unused. I'm not sure why there are two connectors, I know that the 3/80 only has one SCSI controller. (I guess it's like a Sparc 10 with the two SCSI connectors). The 3/80 could have also had a floppy drive, but this one didn't have one.
This is another picture of the 3/80 sitting on top of my Ultra-1 (the U1 was used as a terminal for setting up the 3/80). I had the disk sitting on it's side to make sure that the 3/80 was booting off of it instead of the network. (I bought a new NVRAM chip for this machine and had some problems with booting.) Many thanks to Peter Koch in Germany and for helping me thru the NVRAM programming process and other important info! (The stupid NVRAM chip has a battery in it! And, of course, the battery died along time ago and all of the original's NVRAM's memory was erased. Peter was able to supply me with the NVRAM's original data for the new NVRAM chip! (based on the PROMID printed on the top of the old NVRAM chip.))

Here is it's important info:

------ ------------- -------- -------------------------- 
AYRX       080020081039           420059bf        Sep 12 1989 6:14AM 

Jul 4 13:53 

SunOS Release 4.1.1 (GENERIC) #1: Fri Oct 12 16:21:29 PDT 1990 
Copyright (c) 1983-1990, Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
mem = 65536K (0x4000000) 
avail mem = 65044480 
Ethernet address = 8:0:20:8:10:39

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