Here it is! The first computer that I've (personally) ever bought brand new from Sun. Usually, Sun computers are insanely expensive, however, this one was only $2500.00. It has a 500Mhz UltraSparc-IIe CPU, 256M of RAM, 15G IDE (IDE stinks!) and 40G IDE disk (added on), AMD 600Mhz co-processor card ($495.00), collaboration kit (camera, microphone, and SW) ($245.00), and a UltraSCSI controller (added on). I also added a 8mm tapedrive and Palmpilot craddle.

This is a SunBlade 100. You can see the full length PCI AMD co-processor card in the center of the picture. You can also see the UltraSparc CPU, alittle to the left and under the AMD card (it's the silver thing, and wow, it doesn't need a fan!). The machine also has a floppy drive, CD-ROM, and a Smart Card reader (tho, Sun didn't send a Smart Card with the machine). I'll be running benchmark test on this machine later (what a great testbed) but I'm pretty sure that the UltraSparc CPU will smoke the AMD CPU... (and an Intel CPU would be an obvious loser)
Here is the back of the SunBlade. Lots of ports! The machine has 4 USB ports (2 of which are used for the keyboard and mouse), 2 Firewire (IEEE-1394) ports, a serial and parallel port, audio in/out, 10/100Mps ethernet, and video out. The AMD co-processor card has a USB port, 10/100Mps ethernet, video out, serial and parallel ports, and audio in/out. The Sun UltraSCSI controller has a 68 pin UltraSCSI port and a 10/100Mps ethernet port.
The AMD co-processor card (600Mhz with 2 SODIMM RAM cards for a total of 192M of RAM) is so cool that I included a picture of it. It is a full length PCI (32 or 64bit) card. It is a COMPLETE Intel compatable computer on a single card! BTW, the M$ Windows desktop is displayed in a X-window on the main monitor. (I could have a second monitor if I wanted it).

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