The robot holds 10 14G 8mm tapes and a head cleaner in it. It can automatically span backups across multiple tapes and maintains a record of each file that goes onto each tape. During a restore, it will automatically select the tape that has the files on it for the restore. This device is truely a "lights out operation" device (i.e. no one needs to be around for it to do it's job).

Getting this thing was a royal paid. It was sent by FedEX 2 day express shipping. Well, FedEX lost it for 6 days and when they finally found it, they had damaged it. In this picture you can see where FedEX chipped off the corner of the base. They also broke off one of the feet that the robot sits on, a Fast-SCSI II terminator, and the key that goes in the front door. However, since the thing is built like a tank, it still works!
In this picture you can see the robotic arm's "picker" ready to grab the tape when it comes out of the tape drive. (The robotic arm is the black thing waiting in front of the 8505XL tape drive)

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