Review of the State Theater in Falls Church Va.

220N Washington
Falls Church Va, 22046

State Theater

I went to this theater in 1976 to see the first Star Wars movie.  Wow, was that cool.  However, the State Theater fell on hard times and it has now been turned into a bar/mini-concert hall.

As a concert hall is does ok, it's not like the 9:30 Club in D.C., but it does as well  as it can in Falls Church, a crazy city that can't decide if it wants to be a city or a suburb (the police used to drive Volvos!  (Probably because Don Beyer of Don Beyer Volvo bought off the county to become Lt Governor of Va. - 1990 - 1998)).  I'm pretty sure that Falls Church doesn't like having a concert hall in their city and they are more than happy to arrest anyone around the State Theater.  Many people were very scared about seeing the Falls Church Police show up, it seems that the Falls Church Police is Northern Virginia's own version of Guantanmo Bay where people just disappear!  I don't know if this is true or not, but the people that I talked to were very convincing.  

Cover charge: $12.50
Drinks: $5.00 for beers; Mixed Drinks: $8.00 and up
Two small bars:  One downstairs and one upstairs (one bar tender each).
Food: Standard bar food, $8.00 and up, no tables or chairs

Note: Due to the problems with Falls Church Va Police, only drink water.  Otherwise they will arrest you for DIP (Drunk in Public, it only takes one beer to be arrested for DIP!)  There were many creditable people that told me about this.  Yes, one beer!  If you say that you have even had 1 drink you will be arrested for DIP and spend the night in Falls Church's jail!

Special notes:  The bar is in a bad part of town, there are Asian gangs to the west and DC gangs to the east.  It's probably best to take a cab to this bar.  Also, watch out for the big, fat, blonde head bouncer, he has a real attitude.