Well, standard advise always says to buy the hardware to support your software. That's what I have done with this PowerMac. iMovie, iDVD, and iPhoto are very cool programs, much better than anything available on Windoze. It's just too bad that Apple hardware is sooo expensive and sooo unsupported (there are NO Joysticks or SCSI cards supported by MacOS X).

Also, Jaguar (MacOS X 10.2) continues the tradition of not supporting X11 (you'll need to download and install XFree86). However, no Apple "Aqua" programs can be displayed on another X11 enabled computer :( MacOS X is sort of like UNIX, but not really...

Wow, nice case design. Pull one latch and the whole side falls open exposing all of the parts. Very easy to work on!
Another view of the inside. The only problem is that it's sort of hard to get the screws into a second disk drive (by the way, the Quicksilver can only support 2 IDE disk drives (It only has a single IDE controller))

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