Acincy.159 fa.unix-wizards utzoo!duke!cincy!chris Thu Jul 23 10:32:21 1981 are there any v6 C compilers left We are still (unfortunately) running v6. Including the phototypesetter c compiler. We are waiting for the Berkeley tape (we have an 11/60, with no split i/d space machine around, so the raw v7 distribution tape was little use to us). I have a v7 cc and a home built compatability library that I used to get make, uucp, news, and other good stuff up. It works rather well (I have all the include files, too) and I felt quite happy with it when testing the Berkeley tape (it didn't work first time I got it and the folks there were little help) and I was able to compile almost all of their v7 written utilities and make them run, including the funny 1k block ones. We hope to be running v7 by the middle of august, but if this is of help to anyone, you are more than welcome to it. Of course, you must have a v7 license to get sources for all the utilities........... Chris Kent (U. of Cincinnati) This Usenet Oldnews Archive article may be copied and distributed freely, provided: 1. There is no money collected for the text(s) of the articles. 2. The following notice remains appended to each copy: The Usenet Oldnews Archive: Compilation Copyrightę 1981, 1996 Bruce Jones, Henry Spencer, David Wiseman.