Old Unix news and history

A really interesting (and old) archive of Usenet post from 1981 - 1982 has been put on the Internet.  The site is at  Usenet Oldnews

Here are some of the more interesting or historical post (notice that the Internet used "bang list" for e-mail address in those days).

 MicroSoft is one of two main resellers for Unix on microcomputers

 Arpanet (early Internet) to cut over to TCP/IP on 1-Jan-83 (TCP/IP Digest)

 SETUID bit is already a problem in 1981

 Unix was open source long before Linux came along!

 Unix runs on IBM "Big Iron" and other rumors circa 1981

 E-mail could be encrypted in 1981

 Bad hackers (crackers) have always been around

 Origin of the name "Unix"

 Trivia: where did "rc" come from?

 Early talk about loadable kernel modules

 A version of Unix that fits in 12K of RAM

 Bill Joy joins a small startup called Sun Microsystems