Apple Newton Message Pad 2100

  The Newton is a pretty cool computer. To bad that most of the companies that wrote software for it was now out of busniess. This causes the interesting problem of what do you do when your software vendor goes out of business and the software that they were selling has time bombs (disabling) "features" in it. Ya, you're right, you're SOL.
A major problem with the Newton is that there are no open source programs for it. Nearly ALL software cost money, and as I said, most of the companies that produced this software are out of business.
Here is a bigger picture of the Newton with it's accessories. The Newton can use 2 PCMCIA cards at one time. In this picture are my Hayes 33.6 Modem, 3COM Ethernet, and 32M Flash cards. Also, in this picture is the leather case, pen, and AC adapter. A cool thing about the Newton is that the memory does not erase when the batteries die (since the memory is Flash)!

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