Man, I've had such bad luck with HPs. I bought a used HP9000 model 715 from a company in Florida. Thru a bunch of mistakes and errors, I've gone thru a 33Mhz and 75Mhz model. I now have a 80Mhz model (which is what I was supposed to have in the first place).

This is the 75Mhz version. Look how big the heat sink on the CPU is! (The heat sink is the round silver thing in the picture) The CPU cooked the root disk drive (which is in the cover above the CPU. Then it cooked it's cache memory. A very poor design.
This is the 80Mhz version which I am still using. So far it hasn't cooked anything. Notice how much smaller the CPU's heat sink is.(The heat sink is the blue peg like things in the picure) I guess that HP finally fingured out their heat problem.

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