The generators supporting the Barnes Super Computer Porting Center

Over 10,000 watts of of backup power!

Backing up three UPS units are two gas generators!

Conversion hint. Amps = Watts/Volts

Colman Vertex 7500w
  • 7500w continuous, 9000w surge
  • 1 220V/40A outlet
  • 2 twin 110V/20A outlets
  • 14.5 HP OHV engine electric start engine

This is the monster that can run the house (minus the heat pump). It is rated at 7500w (34 Amps at 220V) continuous, 9000w surge. Unfortunitely, the heat pump requires around 80 Amps so it's a no go. This generator has a nice electric starter and an idle control (slows the engine when not under load). This sucker weighs around 350 lbs, so it's not very portable.

Honda EZ2500w
  • 2300 continuous, 2500 surge (Honda names their generators with the surge rating instead of continuous)
  • 1 twin 110V/15A outlet
  • 5 HP OHV engine
  • Only weighs 80lbs
This puppy is light enough that it's easy to take on camping trips. I'll never freeze by butt off on another camping trip! I'm going to have my 1500w electric heater with me :)
Preping for the Feburary Camping trip (Phase 1)

This is the all weather protective box for the generator. I went with a metal design since the muffler can get pretty hot.

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