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Dewey is a cancer survivor

Video Experiments

Fairfax shutting down VRE

Burning DVDs on Solaris 8

Say NO to the Tauzin-Dingell bill! It will be the end of the Internet for all home users. If you live in Northen Virginia, call Tom Davis' Technical Rep: Amy Heerink at 202-225-6751

Well, the stupid/paid off by special interest/Enron loving/ignorant US House of Repesentatives has passed this bill. Time to call your Senators!!!

Also call:

John Warner (Senate) is at 202-224-2023

George Allen (Senate) is at 202-224-4024

The Whitehouse (George Bush) is at 202-456-1414

Phone numbers for other states can be found at House of Representatives and The Senate

Year 2002 Rants and Raves

Fairfax High School reunion, class of '81

Rebuilding the Vette

Old BSD UNIX (1983) running on a PDP-1 1/45

Tracking the MicroSoft Code Red worm

Tracking the MicroSoft Nimda worm

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