Sun E3000 Upgrade
Here are the new parts that I bought for my E3000. The new UltraSparc-III equipment is now causing price pressure on the UltraSparc-II stuff so you can finally get pretty good prices on used UltraSparc-II equipment. I bought this complete upgrade for only $900.00USD!!! It contains 1 x X2602A CPU/Memory board, 4 x 336Mhz 4M cache CPU modules, and 512M RAM (16 x 32M. The memory was free, heck, 32M DIMMs don't cost anything any more).

I bought these parts from Delta Marketing Group ( They have a very strange name for a used Sun parts reseller, but I highly recommend them. (Ask to talk to Michael)
This is the new (used) CPU/Memory board.  It is a X2602A which will work in any of the Sun Ex00 and Ex500 series Enterprise servers. It has two 336Mhz/4M cache CPU modules and 512M of RAM already installed on it.
This is a 336Mhz/4M CPU module.  Two of these modules will replace the two 250Mhz modules that are currently in my E3000. Sun makes incredibly upgradeable servers. My choices of CPUs were: 167Mhz/1M, 250Mhz/1M, 250Mhz/4M, 336Mhz/4M, 400Mhz/4M, and 400Mhz/8M. I went with the 336Mhz CPUs because they have the best price/performance ratio right now ($50.00USD each).
This is an imfamous Sun CPU torque wrench/tool. It is required to change the CPU modules on Enterprise class servers. (CPU modules must be torqued to 6 inch pounds.) Most Sun Administrators end up with 10 to 50 of these things since they come will all new Enterprise class servers. However, if you don't have one and need to buy it from Sun, it will cost you $150.00USD!! They are also actively sold on Ebay. I'm no longer a UNIX admin, I'm a consultant, so I no longer have access to all of the spare parts and tools that data centers usually collect. Fortunately, I found one of mine in the bottom of a parts box (this is such a classic problem, until you need one, you never know how much they are worth!!)
The E3000 after upgrade. The install went fine and everything worked. You know, it's sort of nice having a graphics card in servers, my E3000 has a really old TX4 in it and it was nice watching it boot just to make sure everythings was ok. Of course, this could have been done thru the console, but the TX4 just seemed so much nicer. And man, I just can't say enough good things about my Sony 15SF "Super Frequency" multi-sync monitor (bought in 1996). Too bad that Sony doesn't sell this kind of quality monitor any more.

This is a picture of my "Tower of Power" :) There is a Cobalt Raq4, ADIC VLS DLT 400 robotic DLT (type IV) tape drive, HP9000 C240, Sun Ultra-1 200E, and the E3000 in this picture.

Here is the new output of prtdiag:

bigmac# ./prtdiag
System Configuration:  Sun Microsystems  sun4u 4-slot Sun Enterprise 3000
System clock frequency: 84 MHz
Memory size: 1024Mb
========================= CPUs =========================
                    Run   Ecache   CPU    CPU
Brd  CPU   Module   MHz     MB    Impl.   Mask
---  ---  -------  -----  ------  ------  ----
 5    10     0      336     4.0   US-II    2.0
 5    11     1      336     4.0   US-II    2.0
 7    14     0      336     4.0   US-II    2.0
 7    15     1      336     4.0   US-II    2.0
========================= Memory =========================
                                              Intrlv.  Intrlv.
Brd   Bank   MB    Status   Condition  Speed   Factor   With
---  -----  ----  -------  ----------  -----  -------  -------
 5     0     256   Active      OK       60ns    4-way     A
 5     1     256   Active      OK       60ns    4-way     A
 7     0     256   Active      OK       60ns    4-way     A
 7     1     256   Active      OK       60ns    4-way     A
========================= IO Cards =========================
     Bus   Freq
Brd  Type  MHz   Slot  Name                              Model
---  ----  ----  ----  --------------------------------  ----------------------
 1   SBus   25     2   cgsix                             SUNW,501-2325         
 1   SBus   25     3   SUNW,hme                                                
 1   SBus   25     3   SUNW,fas/sd (block)                                     
 1   SBus   25    13   SUNW,soc                          501-2069              
 3   SBus   25     3   SUNW,hme                                                
 3   SBus   25     3   SUNW,fas/sd (block)                                     
 3   SBus   25    13   SUNW,soc                          501-2069              
No failures found in System
No System Faults found

Copyright © 1993-2002 by Robert Barnes

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