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Routers and Networking


Linux HOWTOs A syllabus for a class that I taught Perl programming language Oracle Cisco command ref and examples Sun NVRAM FAQ
Solaris FAQs Anti spammer reference Java stuff Oracle scripts List of Cisco router models ATM (OC) speeds
List of Sun computer models Checking for email open relays PHP 4.x Main Oracle index Loading the IOS on a Cisco TACACS
CPU Power verses Speed SMTP Status/Error codes COBOL MySQL basic (older) CCNA test notes History of the Internet
A Linux kernel build Qwick Ref and various config files Email RFC 821 IBM Assembler MySQL (current) BGP routing examples History of CPUs
vi quick reference Email RFC 822 RFC 1918 How to setup ssh
Sun server AP/DR infomation Email RFC 1893 Upgrading a PIX 506 How DNS works
HPUX boot sequence Email routing Cisco router password recovery DNS RFC 1912
Mac OS X The "Ideal" secure network setup
Misc UNIX commands (cheat sheet) Some neat general UNIX info
E3000 upgrade notes S-Corp stuff
Veritas VXVM commands Old BSD/PDP-11 page
Burning DVDs on Solaris 8
Disk I/O benchmarks

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