Loading the IOS onto a Cisco Router

First, you must have a tftp server.  All UNIX machines come with one but you will
probabably have to enable it.  I use Sun/Solaris so these examples use Solaris.

Make sure that you have enough flash memory to load the new image.  I had to upgrade
my flash for the new 12.0(7)T image since it has now exceded 4M.

Replacing/Upgrading the flash memory.

WARNING about memory upgrades:
  Make sure that you get memory that has been made for a Cisco router.  Routers run very hot and require hi temp memory.  Some routers use PC type memory (like 72 pin DIMMs) but you probably shouldn't use anything that you bought at the local computer store unless your are sure that it won't melt!

SMART Modular Technologies and Kingston make good memory that is significating cheaper than "real" Cisco memory (Actually, Cisco uses SMART memory!)

This is alittle harder than a simple IOS upgrade since there will be no IOS and you will have to use
the ROM bootstrapper.

Copyright © 1993-2001 by Robert Barnes

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