Dec 31, 2002

Year in review, Rants and Raves

35% of all IT workers readily to move

Well, it was another shitty year for IT workers.  Lay offs continued and everyone dug into the trenches.  The weeding out the of the dot.bomb wanabe's continued as more than 500,000 IT workers were laid off.  However, the true IT experts also got crapped on also. reports that 35% of the IT workers who are left are ready to walk  (CNET article).

Employers are now back in power and they know it.  I just got the "tough job market" speech from my boss (and no raise).  Even though I was billing the entire year and extended my contract five times made it made no difference (I'm a consultant with over 20 years of experience).  Companies know that they can screw over their employees.  It's no wonder that 35% of all IT workers are ready to find a new job.  However, don't despair my fellow IT people, I've never seen a computer system that can run itself!  What goes around comes back around again.

As American IT workers continue to be laid off, companies are asking for an expansion of the H1-B visa program for foreign workers because the companies "can't find enough workers".  Bullshit.  However, Congress has been bought and paid for so they will probably approve the increase in H1-B visas.  I wonder who these companies think will buy there products once the entire US population is unemployed?

We are now in a deep recession.  Everyone's solution to this is to RAISE prices!  What the heck!  Taxes are going up, home owner's fees are going up, and prices are going up!  I just saw an intesting article about the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) that said CD sales where down 9%.  Well, duh, the average selling price of a CD went up 10% and we are in a recession!!  How stupid can the RIAA be?

America continues to move to the Nazi States of America.  Congress passed the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts.  In the name of security, congress has passed laws that will allow for the recording of everything that Americans do.  Wire taps, Internet snooping, everything!  Included in this is the Total Information Awareness database that will be run by convicted felon John Poindexter.  Too bad that the US Government just lost (it was stolen) a database of all US Military personal's medical records.  How confortable are you with the government recording EVERYTHING that you have ever done??

The DMCA law continues to progress.  It is now illegal to "reverse engineer" anything.  You know, if this law was in effect back in 1981, Compac (now HP) would be a convicted felon for reverse engineering IBM's BIOS.  Humm, I wonder how many Compac computers that the US government is using from a DMCA violating corporation.

More great US government things.  The US government continues to buy services from Worldcom.  The largest company in the world to file for bankruptcy!  Why did they file for bankruptcy?  Becuase the top executives commited the largest fraud in American history ($9 billion dollars and counting).  Have any of these executives gone to jail?  No...  If you are going to steal money, make sure that you steal ALOT of money so that you stay out of jail!

More to come....

There are no raves for 2002.  The whole year just sucked.

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