Primus Telecommunications Inc SUCKS

Primus Telecommunications Inc, of Sunrise FL 33323 sucks.  After 5 years of average quality service, but continuously rising prices, I decide to cancel my DSL account.  Primus will lie, steal, and cheat you trying to stop you from cancelling.
  Here is a diary of my attempts to cancel service:

10/27/2004  9:30AM
   Call Primus at 866-615-4288 (billing) to cancel DSL account.  The phone is answered by one of those Indian call centers.  The Primus rep has a really bad accent, but I finally can start to understand him.  I tell him that I want to cancel my account.  He ask for the usual information; name, account number, etc.  I give it all to him.  He then tells me that his computer "is crashed" and that he will process my request when it is fixed.  He ask  if I would like for him to call me back when my request is processed.  I told him sure, and give him my cell phone number.  He never calls.

10/29/2004  9:15AM
  Call Primus again to cancel my DSL account.  Once again I get an Indian with a bad accent.  Once again, I ask to have my account cancelled and we go through the name, account number, etc. thing again.  And guess what!!??  His computer "is crashed"!  I've heard this before so I ask to talk to his suppervisor.  After awhile on hold, the supervisor answers the phone.  I tell him that I want to cancel my DSL account and we go through the name, account number, etc. thing again.  He then tells me that I have to fax a cancel request to him and give Primus 30 days notice.  I tell him that this is unacceptable.   He ask me to hold so that I can talk to his supervisor.  After awhile on hold, Yash answers the phone. I tell him that I want to cancel and go thru the whole account number thing again.  Yash then tells me that I signed a 1 year contract and that I will need to pay penalties to cancel.  He ever tells me that he is looking at the contract on his screen!  I tell him that that is impossible since I signed up with Digital Select (a company that Primus bought back in the year 2000.  I did have a 1 year contract with Digital, but went month to month after the 1 year was over).  Yash even offered to fax the "signed Primus contract" to me.  I gave my fax number to Yash and asked him to fax it over.  As of 7:00PM, he hasn't faxed it over  (am I surprised? no).

10/29/2004  7:00PM
  I fax Yash at Primus at 1-800-432-0520 requesting that he cancel my DSL account.   We'll see what happens....