This is my own personal commentary on issues involving the computer industry (and other issues).  I have over 25 years of experience with computers, so I think that it is pretty relevant. However, these are my own opinions and are probably not the views of any of my past and present employers. If you want to try and guess who I am talking about, just look at my resume :)

I am currently a consultant for a medium sized computer consulting company (update: not any more) and I run my own computer consulting company in my spare time.  The following are some of my observations.

Update (9/2004), I have now come full circle and I am now working for a company as an employee again. I have worked as a regular employee (mostly at Defense and Federal contractors, eg "Beltway Bandits"), a contract worker thru a body shop, an employee at a, a "consultant" thru a consulting company, and now I'm back to a regular employee.

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