Well, I've always wanted a REAL Cisco router and now I have one! I'm half way to getting a CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Engineer) and I figured that having a Cisco would really help.

This is a Cisco 2611 router. It has two 10Mbps ethernet ports, two WIC expansion slots (one taken by a 2 sync/async card) and 1 NM slot. This is a really versatile router. It can handle 2 T1s, ATM, ISDN (BRI and PRI), 56K (leased line), and up to 32 async K56 modems depending on which WIC/NM modules that you buy. And the great thing about the 2600 series is that they come with Cisco's IOS (IP only) for FREE (not an additional charge like all of the other router models).
Here is the back of the Cisco 2611. The blue cable is the input from the modem (Cisco has continued it's tradition of using non-standard serial connectors. The serial ports are called "Smart Serial Connections" and use what looks like a mini-mini-centronic connector) conntected to serial 0 of the WIC-2A/S card. The yellow cables are the ethernet connections. The flat blue cable is the console port. You can see the covered second WIC slot and the large NM module slot on the left.

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