This is the inside of my 2514. All 25xx series routers are pretty much the same inside, the only differences are their interfaces. Theses routers are sort of strange in that they have 2 slots for Flash memory and only 1 slot for DRAM. When they where originally shipped, they had more Flash memory than DRAM! I guess that this is because the operating system is stored in Flash memory (routers don't have disk drives). Now-a-days, this seems sort of backwards... For more info on these routers, see

The inside is pretty simple, one motherboard and a power supply. The CPU (it's one of the smaller chips) is right in the center, left of where the camera's flash was reflected.
In this picture you can see the memory chips better. There are two 4M Flash SIMMs in the white sockets on the left. On the right is a single 16M DRAM SIMM.

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