Sun E3000
Man, this thing is a monster.  It is a 4 slot Enterprise server.  It is the entry level server for the Sun Exx00 server line (the E3000 has been EOL'ed, the current low end Enterprise server is the E3500).  It has a GigaByte backplane that system boards are plugged into.  System board options are CPU/Memory, SUBS I/O, PCI I/O, and Graphics-I/O.  Depending how you configure this machine it could have 6 x 400Mhz UltraSparc-II/4M cache CPUs and 12G of RAM or 2 UltraSparc-II CPUs and 9 SBUS slots (which could have quad 100mbps Ethernet SBUS cards for a total of 36 100mbps ethernet ports!).  The configuration options are limitless!  My server has 1 CPU/Memory board ,2 SBUS I/O boards, and twin power supplies (it could have 3!).  The CPU board has twin 250Mhz UltraSparc-II/1M cache CPUs and two banks of 256M RAM (512M total)(set to MAX interleave).  The first I/O board has a TGX graphics card in it, the rest of the slots are empty.
This is a CPU/Memory board.  The 2 CPUs are on the left and the 2 memory banks are on the right.  The chips at the top of the board allow it to be AP and DR'ed (Alternate Pathing/Dynamic Reconfiguration).  All of the boards in a Exx00 can be hot swapped!  See  APDR.html  for information about AP and DR.
This is a SBUS I/O board.  It has 3 SBUS slots, a 10/100 ethernet port, a Fast Wide SCSI controller and 2 SOC Fibre channel controller ports (only one is installed on this board).  The Fibre controller is at the bottom right of the board.  The SBUS slots are empty.  The board also has the usual chips at the top that allow AP/DR.
This is the back side of the E3000.  The system boards plug into it.  From RIGHT to LEFT the slots are numbered 1, 3, 5, 7.  The system board on the extreme right is the clock board and doesn't have a slot number.  Slots 1 and 3 have SBUS I/O boards, slot 5 is empty, and slot 7 has the CPU/Memory board in it.  The 2 slots on the left are for power distribution boards (this machine only has 1 (on the far left)).  The power supply units are in the top row.  The one at the left is just a place holder, the two on the right are active (redundant power supplies).

Side note:  This sucker weights 175 lbs! (but, it has wheels so it's not so bad)

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